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reporter birth horseIs your mare about to foal and you are looking for a reporter of a birth for a horse? Do you need a birth reporter for a horse? Do you want to make sure you are present for the birth of your foal and therefore you need a birth reporter for a horse? When you start using the birth reporter for a horse from Foalstart, we guarantee you will always be on time and thus present for the delivery. The Foalstart birth reporter for a horse works quite simply. The Foalstart Two consists of a transmitter and a magnet, which are attached to the vulva-lips of your mare. In order to have you attaching the birth reporter for a horse the correct way, we have placed a clear instruction video on our website. It shows you step by step what to do and how to attach the transmitter safely. As soon as the delivery starts, the birth reporter for your horse sends an alert to your mobile phone. It is possible to have the birth report sent to two phone numbers. With the reporter of a birth for a horse, unnecessary trips to the stable are over!

Why Foalstart?

  • Assured of birth notifications!
  • The birth alarm can be used several times!
  • Use is very easy!
  • Best value for money!

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Reporter of birth for horse is reliable and affordable

There are two very reliable options Foalstart offers on how the reporter of a birth for a horse can alarm you about the upcoming delivery. Once it is attached, the Foalstart Two transmitter connects directly to the Foalstart Cloud. The Foalstart Cloud monitors constantly if the transmitter has range or not. This can also be checked on your mobile phone. In case there is a malfunction, like when your horse has been rolling on the ground or rubbing against something, the reporter also sends you a notification. Receiving the notification can be done by using the public network by installing the Foalstart Two P. The national coverage is about 90%. The best combination however, is to link your Foalstart Two with the Foalstart Gateway, which assures you optimal reception. In case you have more mare’s with foal, you can link multiple transmitters to the gateway. Because the gateway only receives the signals from the transmitter, you do not depend on the public network. It is undoubtedly the fastest way to inform you when the birth is starting. The range of the gateway in an urban environment is 100 meters and in the open field 500 meters. The reliable birth reporter for horses can be used several times and therefore, it is a very affordable solution. The battery is guaranteed for four foal seasons. You can order the birth reporter for a horse directly online.