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Is your mare pregnant and you need a birth alarm? Are you interested in a birth alarm, because you have an upcoming birth of a foal? Have you even missed a foal’s birth or worse, something happened which could have been prevented had you been on time for the birth of a foal? Foalstart has found the perfect solution: with the Foalstart birth alarm you will always be on time and present from the moment the foaling begins. The birth alarm is reliable and works easily. The birth alarm, the Foalstart Two, consists of a magnet and a transmitter, which are attached to the vulva-lips of the mare. You can do the attachment yourself and in order to do so in the right way, we have posted a clear instruction video on our website. As soon as the birth is beginning, you receive a notification. In case you have multiple pregnant mares, you know right away which one is about to give birth. It is possible to get notifications on one or two telephone numbers.

Why Foalstart?

  • Assured of birth notifications!
  • The birth alarm can be used several times!
  • Use is very easy!
  • Best value for money!

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Never miss a birth with Foalstart birth alarm

Foalstart has several options on how to receive your birth alarm, using the public network or a gateway. After attaching the Foalstart Two transmitter, the transmitter connects itself immediately to the Foalstart Cloud. The Foalstart Cloud makes non-stop checks to make see if the transmitter has coverage, which you can also check yourself on your mobile phone. The most optimal birth alarm system is connecting the Foalstart Two with the Foalstart Gateway. With the gateway, you are assured of optimal reception. Also, several transmitters can be linked to the gateway. The range of the gateway is 500 meters for the open field and 100 meters in an urban environment. You are not depending on the public network with this set, the gateway only receives signals from your transmitter, and it is therefore the fasted way to inform you when the birth is beginning. The Foalstart Two P does use the public network, of which the national coverage is about 90%. Both Foalstart Two with Foalstart Gateway and Foalstart Two P are reliable birth alarms.

Inexpensive birth alarm

The birth alarm can be used several times and is because of that, a very inexpensive and economical solution. The battery of the birth alarm provides a guarantee of four foal seasons. Order the birth alarm directly online and never miss a foal’s birth!