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Is your mare about to foal, so you need a reporter for a horse? Are you looking for a reporter for a horse to alert you on time for a foal’s birth? Have you ever been too late for your mare’s foaling and you need a horse reporter, so that will never happen again? Foalstart has the perfect solution for you with their reporter for a horse! With this birth alarm you will never miss a birth, because you will be notified on time and also, you are always there to take action should things go wrong during the delivery. Our Foalstart reporter for a horse works quite easily. The Foalstart Two consists of a transmitter and a magnet, which are attached to the vulva-lips of the mare. Attaching the Foalstart Two is not difficult, but should be executed correct, of course. We have posted on our website a clear instruction video, which shows you step by step how to attach the transmitter. As soon as the foal announces itself, your reporter for a horse will send a notification to your mobile phone. It is possible to receive the birth report on two phone numbers.

Why Foalstart?

  • Assured of birth notifications!
  • The birth alarm can be used several times!
  • Use is very easy!
  • Best value for money!

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Reliable reporter for your horse

Foalstart offers two very reliable and affordable options how the reporter for a horse can alert you about the delivery. The Foalstart Two transmitter connects directly to the Foalstart Cloud, once it is placed. The Foalstart Cloud monitors on a constant basis if the transmitter has range or not. This can also be checked on your mobile phone. The reporter for the horse will also send you a notification in case of malfunction, like when your mare has been rolling in the field or has been rubbing against a stable wall. The best combination is to link the Foalstart Two with the Foalstart Gateway, as that way you are assured of optimal reception. You can also link multiple transmitters to your gateway in case you have more coming births. The range of the gateway in an urban environment is 100 meters and in the open field 500 meters. Because the gateway only receives the signals from the transmitter, you do not depend on the public network. It is surely the fastest way to inform you when the foal announces itself. Another option is to use the public network with the Foalstart Two P. The national coverage is about 90%. The reporter for a horse can be used several times and is for that reason a very affordable solution. The battery is guaranteed for four foal seasons. You can order the horse reporter directly online.